City Surf – Sales Operations Manager

Feb 8th 2008
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I separate with my friends from Soda Music and we went separate ways, we still manage to sell Puppen merchandise up to today using the label Soda Music.

I brought my family moving out to Kuta-Bali to help my old boss turning around his troubled company. He already hire a consultant, but since the consultant don’t have any experience to handle real day-to-day business operations, he can’t figure out how to handle bad employees, high product missing and taking out retail operation from the troubling organization. So they ask me to work for City Surf, a leading surf and skate influenced clothing retail chain.

When i write this, i’ve been worked at the company for 1 year and 5 months. We’ve been doing some revolution to the organization as we experienced almost 100% store employee turnover in the first 6 months i’ve been with the company. I arranged new sales & operations organization structure in my first 3 months with the company and manage to re-wrote the company’s Vision, Mission and Values.

I changed the headquarter’s organization structure into 4 separate division which consist of Sales, Merchandise, Marketing & Art Design. I also change the store area control into 3 separate areas, points & recruits new store supervisors, handling all their day-to-day misconducts, lead and manage merchandise team to reach ‘almost zero missing’ and stabilize the whole organization operations.

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