Freedom To Defecate at Injak Balik V/A

Jan 23rd 2008
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I believe this was the band’s first involvement with various artist releases. This compilation was initiated by an activist friend from France who worked at Blood Bank at by that time was at duty in Afghanistan.

Injak Balik means sort of kick ’em back in Indonesian Language. The title was originally found by our vocalist. It was our band’s expression to military repressive acts during the last days of our former President, Soeharto.

The other acts who also include in this 7″ Vinyl were bands mostly from Asia. Our single was our hit song, Freedom to Defecate.


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One Comment

  1. nostalgia sekali..
    gambarnya oke, simple, tapi percaya diri.

    masa2 idealisme masih bisa diadu, ya, aktivisme..
    sayang nya udah lewat ya masa itu

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