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Feb 17th 2008
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I am trying to put networking and community driven style as much as possible to my latest project Musikator. This time, i found a great theme to do another networking and community driven project, a members-only contact manager site!

It’s a very simple theme that focus on how to create a members only website, and add some feature functionality to the site such as Contact Search and Related Contacts.

The easiest way to do this is to install another WordPress blog to sub directory instead of trying (too) hard integrating it with the main blog. But i did some coding to fit the style of the main blog. Some specific WP plugins are also required to make this theme effective. You can find more info at the theme’s creator homepage. It’s a very smart useful theme that will bring WordPress more closer to CMS instead of ordinary blogging platform.

This Musikator Contact Manager project is dedicated to the industry of Music and Creativity in Indonesia to get more friends and contacts. If you are industry stakeholders, you are invited. It’s FREE exclusive networking site!


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