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Feb 18th 2008

This is my latest work on my Musikator project after the Music Directory Blog and Contact Manager site. A BBpress forum. Before i add this to enrich the project, i was unable to install a open source based project. So when i decided to start another open source software, i try do as much research that i can get from the world wide web.

After Googling around for a while i found The Ultimate BBPress Guide from Devlounge. The blog cover BBPress’ installation process, from start to finish. It is definitely my guide to install this software. I copied the guide to a word processor and printed it out. I follow the guidance step by step and i found no error whatsoever. That is truly the ultimate and a brilliant guidance of installing BBPress.

After configuring the new site, i coded the default template heavily and turn it into a new template. Here’s a screenshot of the default frontpage (a super simple frontpage and it’s so easy to load):


For forum members, they can see a lot of small features i’ve added to the forum by carefully selecting the right plugins. I love BBPress.

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  1. andri SamGeLLa

    om musikator, pgn nanya nih, pgn bkin demo d rmh, bru da komputr ma mixer ckup g’? pa msti tmbah hardware lg?

  2. Robin Malau

    Wah kurang jelas tuh bro. Tapi ya masalah cukup ngga nya hardware, software dan equipment lainnya, pastinya tergantung kualitas yang kamu cari bro.

  3. believe you ears .. entrust to your hearts .. what you use
    not important .. as long as what you hear good and fit your heart desires

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