Puppen Release Party

Jan 23rd 2008
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With the help of our friend Ambar, we finally held a album release party. It was held at Lamborghini Cafe – Jakarta (R.I.P.). Crowds nuts, the bands went out of mind. It was very much fun. Other acts was Koil and local band Papi.

My role in this project was as band manager and co-producer.


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  1. rinno

    gw ad d garda depan (kalau tdk salah) tepat di depan Abay si pencabik bas.. ACDC klo g salah tshirt yg lo pake y bin..hehee have fun skali… pluss plng mmbawa kaset puppen albm s/t pluss dpt tanda tangan dari kalian :p norak g sih ehhee…maklumm msh high skool kids ahaa….
    nice show bin… \m/

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