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Feb 2nd 2008

After we disbanded Puppen, we went to separate ways. I work at Volcom Indonesia as Assistant Marketing Manager between April 2002 to April 2003 in Kuta-Bali. Within my time at Volcom, i manage to work in 31 events; either it’s Surf and Skateboard Competition. I was also in charge to plan and execute national advertising campaign while also helps to keep in-store promo in 82 accounts going.

Below some documentations:

dscf0042.jpg dscf0055.jpg dscf0092.jpg dscf0064.jpg dscf0134.jpg dscf0136.jpg 

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  1. I am trying to find the Marketing Director at Volcom as i have a Proposal i would like for him/her to see could you please send me that email address as soon as you are able?
    Kind Regards, Dianne Engels.

  2. Robin Malau

    Hi Diane, i left Volcom in 2003, so i am not sure who’s in charge in Volcom’s Marketing anymore. But maybe you can find it out on Volcom’s website at http://www.volcom.com. Hope it helps.

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