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May 25th 2008
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This is a project which i include in my Musikator. However, it’s more likely an crowd project as it is how a regular wiki works. The main objective is to list Indonesia musical archives as much as possible.

Have yet to announce it in the community but i have already contacted several music pundit in Indonesia to contribute to the project. If you feel that you know some music sources, you are invited to contribute to the community. Please visit the site and create a free account. Your information is save and your contribution is priceless.

In the end, it’s people project, i only initiate, setting it up and leave it the rest to the crowd.

For the page template, i actually use the default Monobook theme, but heavily coded to meet Musikator’s basic theme, which is all black.

Yeah, a wiki that black!

Below is how the project look, click on the image to visit the site.

Musik Wiki Indonesia

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